10 Video Games Bosses You Didn't Realise Can Be Defeated Peacefully

Kill them with kindness!

Fallout 4 mechanist

Whenever there is a boss battle in a game, inevitably there’s going to be conflict as well. The concept is pretty much synonymous with fighting, as the sole purpose of a video game boss is to let you test your skills and abilities against their might.

However, what if there was another way? What if you were tired of constantly getting into bloody fights with your enemies and instead wanted to resolve things peacefully?

Well, fret not, as there are actually quite a few games that allow you to settle your differences with your antagonists without ever forcing you to pick up a weapon. With just a bit of intrigue, diplomacy, or even a simple display of kindness, even the greatest of foes can be defeated. It may not always be obvious, but they all have a weakness that you can exploit without ever having to resort to violence or killing.

The following bosses might appear threatening, but at the end of the day, even the most soft-hearted pacifist can find a way to defeat them.

10. The End - Metal Gear Solid 3

Fallout 4 mechanist

Anyone who's played Metal Gear Solid 3 knows how intense and challenging the fight with The End is. Being a veteran sniper, he can take down the player from anywhere on the map, and because of his camouflage, it can be really tricky to find him.

Thankfully, the game features a special secret way of overcoming The End that not only helps you avoid the fight altogether but also spares you from having to put down the legendary Father of Sniping.

All you have to do is turn off your console prior to your fight with The End and then wait two whole weeks. Once the time has passed, when you turn your console back on, The End will already be dead, succumbing to his old age.

Yep, apparently the old man had only two weeks of life left in him. When you find him after waiting two weeks, you just see his eyes pop out, and then he flops on his side lifelessly.

Ah, the inevitability of old age! The most reliable weapon in a pacifist's arsenal of choice.


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