10 Video Games Consoles Couldn't Handle

Poor controls? Technical issues? Should've gone with the PC version.

Cyberpunk 2077
CD Projekt Red

The divide between game consoles and the personal computer is an endless topic of debate, often pitting the two communities against each other when a highly anticipated title arrives.

The self-professed "PC Master Race" has always pointed out their superior hardware, processing speed and graphical capabilities when it comes to any major release. With components constantly improving and progressing, the platform is often more flexible and progressive than consoles which have typically relied on the same technology.

More recently, we've seen incremental upgrades with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, but even with these improvements, games can still run into trouble with bad console ports. Many a generation has seen hardware struggle to run titles that were moved over from the PC, even if it wasn't the lead platform.

In light of a certain AAA release that's come under a lot of controversy, it's time to look at ten games that struggled to run on consoles.

Whether it was down to poor controls, numerous technical glitches or just poor performance, there can be little excuse for launching these releases in the state they were in.

10. APB Reloaded

Cyberpunk 2077
Little Orbit

Following the success of Crackdown 1 and 2, David Jones, the founder of Realtime Worlds started laying plans for an MMO set in a city filled to burst with crime. The ambitious but ultimately lacklustre APB failed to meet expectations.

APB was always designed for the PC first and foremost, as is usually the case with many massive online titles. It was met with a heavily mixed critical reception due to its unfinished feel. Efforts to bring a Grand Theft Auto-style release to the massively multiplayer scene quickly fell through as players abandoned the title in droves.

Realtime Worlds would shut down shortly after the game's release and the original servers along with them. However, APB was soon picked up by K2 Network for 1.5 million pounds. In a final bid to salvage this troubled MMO, APB was bumped to the Xbox One and PS4, only to find itself facing too many issues to count.

Once again, the console releases of All-Points-Bulletin felt unfinished with a limp match-making system alongside client and server performance issues. At this point, very few gamers cared for the game; mainstream reviewers didn't touch it and while there is something of a community still playing, it's unlikely to last much longer.


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