10 Video Games EVERYONE Gave Up On

Nope. I'm out.

Redfall game
Arkane Studios

At the risk of saying things that are extremely obvious: there are a lot of video games right now. Like, a lot of video games. As a result you can’t be expected to play them all nor can you be expected to finish the ones you do play.

This list is dedicated to the latter thanks to the ever reliable stats from HowLongToBeat.com telling us how many players ‘retired’ from various games. Or to put it plainly, decided “Nope, I’m over this.” and stopped playing before the game was over.

To head this off at the pass, naturally games released on Game Pass will have many more players picking them up and deciding it’s not for them. That caveat considered, these games have some of the highest retirement stats on the site as a percentage of users who reported picking it up and then told HLTB, “Nope, I’m out”.

Of course not everyone gave up on the following games but we’re extrapolating that if this percentage of people bothered to mark the game as retired, chances are loads more of you gave up on it, too.

10. Loop Hero

Redfall game
Four Quarters

Loop Hero is a little indie game from developer Four Quarters that came out in 2021. It is a roguelike, but bear with me, because it’s a roguelike that does have a campaign that you can complete. 

Well, it has a campaign that can be completed. Whether or not you pull it off depends if you fall into the camp of those who put it down or not.

The game does what it says on the box, you walk around in a loop gradually earning resources and gold, building stuff, taking on baddies, and trying not to die. Inevitably you will, but you’ll hang on to 30% of your stuff or more if you bail out before the encounter. Its difficulty shouldn’t be understated, though, as you need to be clever about your strategy and playstyle, being careful to consider your equipment, and know your limits. It stands to reason then that this little Game Pass offering wasn’t just retired by 11.1% of those who recorded played it, but it was also the second most retired game on the site in 2021.

The only game that was marked as retired more times was Twelve Minutes, which, if you know anything about Twelve Minutes, checks out.

Though some found it to be entertaining, even knocking out the hidden boss, it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea as players said they gave it up for being too repetitive, boring, or frustrating.

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