10 Video Games Everyone LOVED (That Will Never Get Sequels)

Nothing worse than when a brilliant game is one and done.

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How often have we heard of something becoming a "cult classic"?

Initially a low scoring/earning piece of work that garners more attention over the years - just look to 2012's Dredd movie as evidence.

It's the same in gaming, too. Take Shadow of the Colossus - critically praised on every level, but didn't set the world alight with sales. Yet, it garnered enough continued support to warrant an HD transition and a full remake on current-gen consoles.

However, sometimes a game comes out that is so universally loved (or at least, by those who played it), yet ultimately it's a "failure" when it comes to warranting a sequel or continuation. That may be a good thing as it avoids the property being run into the ground or the creatives to run out of ideas, but there are times when a game is so good, we'd just like some more.

As it stands, we're currently not holding our collective breaths that any of the following ever come to fruition. So whilst we continue to inhale and exhale as normal, let's have a look some other much loved games that won't be getting sequels.

10. Spec Ops: The Line

Sleeping Dogs Wei Shen
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It's not very often that a game comes out that subverts the standard of the genre it's pigeonholed into, but that's exactly what The Line did.

When Yager released it in 2012, it looked like a run-of-the-mill, cover-based war shooter. And yes, whilst it did have that as its main core gameplay, it was the story that really sold it.

Taking the whole "my country tis of thee" patriotism and turning it on its head in favour of ideologies seen and influenced by Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now, it took everyone by surprise.

After gaining traction, Spec Ops went on to score highly and reach critical acclaim... but that was it.

But realistically, where could you go with a sequel?

Captain Walker didn't exactly leave Dubai in the best of states (both physically and mentally). Perhaps we could play as Colonel Konrad as he succumbs to what would inevitably lead to Walker's mission starting?

Whatever we may hope for, it seems that The Line was a one-hitter quitter that will only be more revered as time goes on.

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