10 Video Games Everyone Wanted (But Hated)

9. Superman: The New Superman Adventures (1999)

Duke Nukem Forever
Titus Interactive SA

Even those intimately familiar with Superman 64 may not know that its full title is the ever-catchy Superman: The New Superman Adventures. The reason this car crash of a video game earned the abbreviated moniker was because it was only released on the Nintendo 64, but this was not always going to be the case.

Titus Interactive began development for the game in 1997, designed as a companion piece to Warner Bros' popular Animated Series, and was originally intended to be a cross-platform release for both the N64 and PlayStation.

With three very promising E3 presentations and extensive, pre-release media coverage, everyone wanted it, but everyone came to hate it. It was unresponsive, glitchy, repetitive, and just looked terrible.

Behind the scenes, Warner Bros' licensing team were meddling in the process from the beginning. Placing firm restraints on what the developers could and couldn't do with their beloved character meant whole sections of the game were hacked off, along with common-sense features like breakable architecture and Superman's ability to use all of his powers.

The game's setting was also shifted to a virtual world created by Lex Luthor in order for the Man of Steel to not harm "real" people... but, given the state of the graphics, this was probably for the best.


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