10 Video Games Hidden Inside Other Video Games

10. Maniac Mansion Inside Day Of The Tentacle

Maniac Mansion

Back when LucasArts still existed and all was good in the world, they were pretty much the kings of the point and click adventure with their game Maniac Mansion receiving critical and public praise for it’s off the wall comedy and fiendishly challenging puzzles.

In fact it was so popular it spawned a sequel, Day of the Tentacle which somehow managed to be even more ludicrous as it tells the story of an evil purple tentacle who is trying to take over the world. As you do.

However if you’re reading this thinking, oh well I should probably play Maniac Mansion in order to understand what’s going on, A, don’t worry the plot is absolutely bonkers and doesn’t really matter if you’ve played the first game, and B, don’t worry twice over because the original game is INCLUDED IN ITS ENTIRETY within Day Of The Tentacle.

If you visit the Edison family motel's security office and click on the computer in the corner you’ll be transported directly into Maniac Mansion allowing you to play through everything start to finish. You could even do the same in the glorious remastered version of Day of The Tentacle so it’s well worth a look!


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