10 Video Games IMPOSSIBLE To 100% If You Hit Credits 

Make sure you do everything before that final boss battle.

the Witcher 3
CD Projekt RED

There are loads of different types of players out there, some looking for a means of unwinding, some looking for immersion, and some looking for a challenge.

While the games themselves can exist at varying levels of intensity and difficulty, most will offer some form of completion rating. Whether it be a relaxing walking sim like Firewatch or the latest rage-inducing Demon's Souls, the one thing these titles have in common is a trophy/achievement system.

Most trophies/achievements are tied to natural progression or key moments in the narrative, but there are some that exist purely for those looking to complete 100% of everything. Unfortunately for those glory seekers, the core gameplay and extras needed for 100% are not always mutually exclusive.

On several occasions, it can be possible to miss out on a world's worth of content by only following the main campaign. This could be anything from side activities with characters not present later on, activities not available in certain areas, or unique items that only appear briefly.

The dreaded prompt of "There's No Turning Back" just before a climactic battle is enough to make any gamer second guess if they should comb everything before pressing on.

10. Persona 5

the Witcher 3

Persona 5 swiftly became one of the most beloved in the franchise among many of the fans and newcomers alike.

The game is full of the excellent combat and character work that series veterans had come to expect. However, anyone jumping into this game in hopes of achieving 100% better have their walkthroughs ready because there are tonnes of missable content.

Like many Persona titles, 5 is all about time and resource managing. Side missions can be easily overlooked on a casual playthrough just by missing texts or failing to complete tasks within the allotted time.

The worst offender, however, is a new addition for Persona 5. It is now impossible to recover a range of armour, weapons, and accessories that were in a chest after defeating one of the many palace dungeon bosses. After finishing the boss battle, all un-obtained loot is lost forever.

Make sure to bring extra lockpicks with you to secure those extra consumables and epic loot like the Atom Ring.


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