10 Video Games Impossible To Beat Without A Guide

9. Dark Seed

LA Noire Interrogation

Now, to Monkey Island's credit, you're given all the time in the world to complete these insane puzzles, so the odds of you coming up with the right answer is all a matter of time. You don't always get that lucky. I mean, you COULD be playing Dark Seed, and you'd REALLY be screwed then.

Dark Seed is another point-and-click adventure game, but this time with a lovecraftian, Gieger-esque horror vibe to it, with all the trappings thereof. But Dark Seed's biggest gimmick attached to its tried and true foundation is that the whole game is based on a three-day time limit. Which, in real world time, is about three hours.

That's right, three hours. Which sounds like a lot, especially since, as a result, this game isn't that long. But that time limit will feel like the tightest noose around your neck when you keep getting stumped by puzzle after puzzle. And if you're like me, who gets super stressed out when put on ANY kind of timer, no matter how lenient, the game is a nightmare.

There are no room for errors or wrong turns, so make sure you have a guidebook sitting in your lap at all times when playing this game.

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