10 Video Games In 2021 Everyone Regretted Buying

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Definitive Edition took your money without earning it.

gta san andreas

Even with publishers charging as much as $70/£70 for new AAA games these days, the general dollar value of gaming as a whole has never been better, what with subscription services like Xbox Game Pass massively lowering the cost of entry, and games going on sale faster than ever before.

And so, when you actually do decide to slam your cash down to buy a game at full price on launch, it's certainly worth doing your research beforehand, especially if you're purchasing digitally and are therefore unable to sell it on.

We've all been disappointed by video games that fell short of expectations, and as one of the medium's most challenging years ever - largely due to pandemic-related production issues - 2021 has definitely been no exception.

All but the most careful and dilligent of consumers will own at least a couple of games this year that made them absolutely regret their purchases.

From sequels into long-standing franchises that failed to deliver the goods, to ambitious titles that turned in mixed results, and a certain infamous remaster that was scarcely fit for sale, most who bought these games were hit with a debilitating bout of buyer's remorse...

10. Far Cry 6

gta san andreas

As hugely popular as the Far Cry IP is, it seems to have been hit by franchise fatigue, as with the recently released sixth game Ubisoft has struggled to provide much of a reason for its existence beyond the soulless generation of revenue.

Is Far Cry 6 a terrible game? No, it's a totally functional open-world FPS that delivers the usual expected exploration/collectathon shtick, but for many players that formula has finally worn painfully thin with this new entry.

Beyond its reliance on basically just rehashing what worked before, Far Cry 6 is a presentational disappointment, its weirdly average graphics failing to impress that this is indeed a splashy AAA franchise.

Then there's the overabundance of glitches, performance issues across platforms, and a general feeling that Ubisoft just half-assedly churned this one out.

With a clumsy story to boot, Far Cry has never felt more exhausting or perfunctory than it does here. The marketing didn't exactly suggest Far Cry 6 would be a banner entry for the series, and yet, many fans simply couldn't help themselves but buy in.

At least PC players could give it a try on Ubisoft's subscription service Ubisoft+ for a considerably lower cost. Console players, however, weren't so lucky.


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