10 Video Games MUCH Better Than We Thought They'd Be

Gotham Knights story is... pretty great??

There’s a decent chance if you roll the dice on a random new release game you have no prior knowledge of, you might end up realising it’s not for you. And there’s an equally good chance that the brand new AAA game from your favourite developer will impress you.

But what about those games that really seemed like they were going to miss the mark? The ones that, for whatever reason, didn’t leave much of an impression on you before release but ended up absolutely knocking it out of the park.

We can get lukewarm on games before they’ve hit shelves for a number of reasons. Maybe it’s because the developer isn’t well known, the game concept seems shaky, or a crappy trailer lands.

For whatever reason your expectations end up somewhere between middling and through the floor but these excellent games proved we couldn’t have been more wrong about them.


Likes: Collecting maiamais, stanning Makoto, dual-weilding, using sniper rifles on PC, speccing into persuasion and lockpicking. Dislikes: Escort missions.