10 Video Games Released At The Wrong Time

What could go wrong launching at the same time as Halo 2, Half Life 2 & Metal Gear Solid 3?

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Gaming is an expensive hobby. Consoles are pricey, systems have online subscriptions, and unless you’re willing to blast through titles quickly then trade them in, buying a handful of new releases at the same time gets extortionate.

Because of this, most players are quite selective. Unless you’re wading through the bargain bin of old games, it’s rare for people just to wander into a game shop and pick up random stuff that catches their eye.

This means that sometimes great games are overlooked simply by virtue of their release date. At full price, no one’s going to grab three or four different games at once; you pick your favourite, go home and play it. Consequently, an unproven title releasing alongside a massive game often guarantees that sales will take a huge hit.

As a result, if some of these games had picked a better launch window, it stands to reason they would have sold better, and become a much bigger deal.

It’s not all down to brushing up against a major franchise though; some games miss an opportunity to cash in on hype, some fail because of poor timing in regards to the consoles they're launching on, and others are just in the wrong era. Regardless, all these games all hit shelves at the wrong time.

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