10 Video Games Released At The Wrong Time

10. Resonance Of Fate


Resonance of Fate is a good if slightly niche JRPG which was released just one week after Final Fantasy XIII, and so struggled to really get any traction.

It didn’t help that the game was a slow burner either, built for a grinding approach. Though the title was massively engrossing once it got going, it didn’t smack you in the face immediately. In order to dethrone Final Fantasy, it needed to hit the ground running, but it quite simply didn’t.

Having been developed with a Western tilt (heavy steampunk imagery, gunplay, inspired by The Matrix), its approach to battles is more typically Japanese. Final Fantasy XIII on the other hand has a more Western ‘in at the deep end’ in medias res style, yet a more Japanese aesthetic.

The over-the-top stylings mixed with some unique gameplay kept it alive, though the clunky, drawn-out story did it no favours.

Resonance of Fate did manage to cling to life (even getting a recent remaster), but you have to feel that without Final Fantasy launching so soon before, it would have excelled.

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