10 Video Games Ruined By Overhype

9. Fable

star wars the old republic

Nowadays we all know not to trust snake oil salesman Peter Molyneux as far as we can throw him, but back in 2004 his name still carried a lot of cachet, and it was tough not to get swept up in the hype surrounding his bold new Xbox RPG Fable.

Molyneux spent years hyping up the game's uncommonly immersive gameplay systems, from trees that grow as time passes, to the player's physicality changing depending on their behaviour, and even the ability to have children.

Numerous anticipated features, including these, failed to make it into the final game, which while a decent RPG in its own right, was too short and insubstantial to make the impact that the games press and general players expected.

Ultimately Fable further damaged Molyneux's relationship with players, which had already begun to erode after his previous game Black and White didn't quite meet pre-release promises.

Molyneux even publicly apologised for over-hyping Fable, and though he went on to produce several sequels, he never regained the trust of the general gaming audience. He also hasn't released a AAA game since 2010's Fable III and largely declines press interviews these days.


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