10 Video Games Ruined By Overhype

8. Halo 5: Guardians

star wars the old republic
Microsoft Studios

Any Halo sequel is of course going to get hyped into the damn stratosphere, though Halo 5: Guardians is a uniquely frustrating case because the marketing basically sold players a campaign they never really got to play.

The trailers suggested that the game would be centered around an epic feud between Master Chief and the game's protagonist, Spartan Locke, with the iconic #HuntTheTruth campaign whipping fans into a frenzy wondering what Chief had done to make him so aggressively sought-after.

Yet the Chief/Locke dichotomy is ultimately just a tiny part of the story, and their only confrontation ends up being a cutscene rather than the playable boss fight most players were surely, rightly, hoping for.

While it didn't help that the campaign also suffered from repetitive Warden boss fights and a generally listless plot, the PvP multiplayer is still spectacular and, as with most Halo games, the real reason to own it.

Yet Guardians' multiplayer achievements are vastly overshadowed by the game being hyped up as breaking new ground for the franchise, when it really did anything but.


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