10 Video Games Ruined By TERRIBLE Bosses

Even Hideo Kojima can design a terrible boss fight.

metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain skulls

Boss fights are as much a part of most video games as death and taxes are a part of human existence - they're something that's inherently part of the deal and, more often than not, tolerated.

Boss battles can be brilliant in the right hands of course, though we've all played video games where they felt arbitrary and shoehorned-at-best, if not outright detrimental to the overall experience.

And then there are those games to which boss encounters aren't mere inconvenient annoyances - they're so bad they actually ruin the entire thing.

These 10 video games, no matter their enjoyable gameplay and intoxicating stories otherwise, were weighed down by some stupendous irksome bosses.

Whether unfairly difficult, staggeringly uncreative, or just an absolute chore to get through, these bosses ensured that many players probably didn't even make it to the end of these games as a result.

If it's rare for a single boss to truly ruin a game - though it certainly has happened - these games offered up a flatly underwhelming, if not straight-up aggravating, platter of them from start to finish...

10. Sonic Superstars

metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain skulls

The wounds are surely still fresh for anyone out there who actually made it to the end of the recently released Sonic Superstars without tearing all their damn hair out.

Though the game's earlier bosses are easy enough to dispense with, before long it hurls you into a series of maddeningly unfair encounters which, while not mechanically difficult as such, are designed for maximum player frustration.

Indeed, it doesn't take long to figure out what you need to do to defeat most of the game's bosses, but the sheer length of these fights - often totalling around five minutes, where the lack of checkpointing forces you to start all over again upon dying - is punishing in all the wrong ways.

As fun as Sonic Superstars' overall platforming gameplay is, the mind-numbing tedium of the bosses - especially accepting how many of them are, and how much time you'll waste sitting through their lengthy immune phases - ultimately makes it a dispiriting chore to play.

In fact, the later bosses are bulls**t enough that trophy data reveals only a small fraction of players have actually reached the end of the game yet.


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