10 Video Games Sega Should Be Releasing Instead Of Sonic

10. Altered Beast 2

The side-scrolling beat 'em up genre may be essentially dead in today's video game industry, but the declining popularity of a genre has never stopped games developers before. Before Capcom's release of Street Fighter IV back in 2008, many industry heads were content with labelling the fighting game scene as dead as the dodo, and how wrong they were when Ryu and Ken made their comeback for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The original Altered Beast put the player in the role of a recently deceased Roman centurion that's promptly resurrected by Zeus in Ancient Greece in order to save the God of Thunder's daughter, Athena. Able to collect various power-ups throughout each stage, the player character was able to become the titular 'altered beast' (essentially a bipedal werewolf) in order to combat the threat of Neff, the entity responsible for the kidnapping. While it may be dated by today's standards, Altered Beast is one of several games released on the Sega Mega Drive that still holds happy memories for many. The development of an Altered Beast 2 certainly wouldn't be Sega's worst decision.
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