10 Video Games So Bad You Wish You Could Forget They Exist

Helping you to forget... the horrors we've just reminded you of.

Ride To Hell Retribution Girl

The video game industry has managed to turn out some of the most spectacular, evocative, and emotional pieces of media our society has ever seen. I'm not just using hyperbole because I'm a part of this thriving community, but because it's genuine. As video games have clawed and scraped their way out of being seen as lowbrow and shallow entertainment into the realms of real critical note, we've seen a shift in the way they tell their stories, how they involve the player, and how they make us scream, cry, and laugh with surgical precision.

However, this is just one side of the coin because on the other there are titles that pull the entire industry down into the depths once more. Games which weren't big, weren't clever and were in fact a blight on everything we've been trying to move away from. Badly programmed, reductive, and sometimes offensive, the titles on this list make up but a short selection of games doing the dirty on an industry we want to be proud of.

In fact, given half a chance, I bet you we'd all want to erase these games from existence.

10. Ride To Hell: Retribution

Ride To Hell Retribution Girl
Deep Silver

When we begin a list with Ride To Hell: Retribution, you know it's going to be a stinky one, as this game is absolute pants. So much so in fact that the lead never removes his clothes to have horrible fish eyed sex with one of the many women present, who apparently just get absolutely slimy at the sight of an unknown man beating someone else up in front of them.

This is but one of the several horrible messages Ride To Hell: Retribution pushes as its overall experience, and joining this rampant obliviousness to sexual content are horribly dated graphics, abysmal driving controls and audio that sounds like it was recorded a day before the release date by one person, using their mouth for all the sound effects, and their studio was a !*$% bin.

It's a video game that is held together by the collective will of YouTubers making videos to laugh about it, but let's do this and ourselves a favour and put this rabid dog down for good.


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