10 Video Games Stuck In Development Hell

No matter how good they sound, or how much we want them, certain games are doomed to stay lashed to the programmer's desk, never to see the light of day...

The anticipation attributed to video games today is arguably on par with that of Hollywood blockbusters; such is the depth and dedication of contemporary gaming audiences. Whether it's an AAA title or an indie release, the process of development can be a long and arduous one and while it provides creative and commercial reward it is also a process that can see some games become stuck in what is called €œdevelopment hell€. Naturally, the development of a video game is a frustratingly complex process and one that can take hundreds of experienced programmers thousands of man hours to complete. From its origins in a humble idea to the branching out into intricate details, creating a game is clearly not for the faint-hearted and while there's countless success stories to be told, there are also games that have become stuck in their own circular nightmare. There can be a number of varying reasons as to why games get pushed back further and further until the point comes where fans even question the game's existence. While I will name some of these reasons, there are countless others with which a project can unravel and fall into unreleased oblivion. On this list there will some you will have heard of and others I hope you haven€™t, but the point I hope to elaborate upon is how and why the development of video games can something some people would happily forget. So without further ado, here are 10 video games that are currently stuck in development hell.

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