10 Video Games Supposed To Release On Other Consoles

When things don't go according to plan.


Though many things can change during a video game's development, it isn't common that games end up shifting from their original target platform.

Moving a game from one console to another can be extremely resource-intensive due to the differing system architecture of gaming hardware, and so developers will generally avoid it all costs.

These 10 games, however, made the bold leap mid-production, changing-up their home system while already deep into development.

In some cases it was the result of a troubled project which bounced between publishers, while in others it was nothing more than a canny commercial decision to get more eyes on the game.

Though these games are all thoroughly emblematic of the systems and gaming generations they eventually ended up releasing for, things were nearly very different had the developer persevered with their initial vision - for better or worse.

While we can never know quite what would've become of these games had they not made the leap to other hardware, in most cases the end result clearly turned out well enough...

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