10 Video Games That ACTUALLY Deserve A Remake

Was anyone asking for a Last Of Us remake?

uncharted last of us
Naughty Dog

Demon’s Souls, Resident Evil, and now even The Last Of Us - these days, the video game market is absolutely saturated with developers remaking and re-releasing our old (and not so old!) beloved titles.

Whether it's the draw of nostalgia or leagues of new players being introduced to what is for them a brand new IP, they certainly do sell well, so it's understandable why studios keep cooking them up.

But with games barely even a decade old that still hold up exceptionally well on modern hardware being in line for remakes, it begs the question:

Are they really necessary?

For some, yes.

Whether driven by outdated graphics, 30 FPS-capped gameplay or the need to give a forgotten game another chance, many older titles truly do need a fresh coat of paint to compete with modern releases.

As sad as it is, the original Final Fantasy VII simply wouldn't captivate today's kids the same way it did for many, but 2020's remake made the story accessible for a whole new audience.

All of these titles absolutely deserve the same treatment, and we deserve to see them reappear on our screens with a new lease of life.

10. Titanfall

uncharted last of us
Respawn Entertainment

The most recent release of this list, and a dent in the opening assertion that games less than a decade old should be left well alone, Titanfall is an outlier for so many reasons.

A sharp-shooting online mech game that was well-received in a critical and cult capacity quickly fell out of favour and, in 2022, essentially constitutes abandonware.

While a remake is unlikely, as fans have been clamouring for a third instalment of the series for some time with little response, and developers Respawn Entertainment have their hands full with successful spin-off battle royale Apex Legends, it would be deserved.

Bring back Titanfall with a focus on a proper, fleshed-out campaign and further innovation on the multiplayer it originally introduced and it could easily find its niche in the market once again.


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