10 Video Games That ACTUALLY Deserve A Remake

9. Assassin's Creed

uncharted last of us

You might think this one is an odd choice, considering Assassin’s Creed is a series that is both still going strong and simultaneously suffering from a serious case of identity crisis and franchise fatigue.

While the series has significantly evolved over the years, Ubisoft launched the very first game in 2007 and as yet haven’t stopped pumping out new entries every couple of years.

The more recent RPG trilogy has been generally well received, but Valhalla is not exactly reaching the same heights as its forefathers, and many fans miss the old, stealth focused mechanics over bashing people about the head with an axe.

Some of the earlier games received a well-timed remaster in 2016’s The Ezio Collection, but as yet the original game has been left untouched. A remake of the one that started it all could be just what the series needs to break out of its current stagnation — after a year or two’s rest, anyway.


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