10 Video Games That Almost Had The Perfect Ending (But Ruined It)

9. DLC Ruins The Happy Ending - Dead Space 3

Bioshock Andrew Ryan

Dead Space 3 was unquestionably the weakest entry into the trilogy, but at least seemed primed to deliver a satisfying climax, as Isaac and Carver sacrificed themselves to destroy the Marker and finally bring the Necromorph threat to an end.

After three games, seeing the Necromorphs annihilated was mightily satisfying, and even the post-credits suggestion that Isaac was still alive worked well enough.

But the game's seemingly concrete victory was smashed to pieces, then, when the Awakened DLC was released a month later and revealed that the Necromorphs were very far from gone.

Worse still, in a cynical setup for a sequel that's almost definitely never happening, Awakened ended with the Necromorphs laying waste to Earth.

While it's entirely possible a future game could dismiss Awakened as nothing more than one of Isaac's hallucinations, it nevertheless undid Dead Space 3's relatively "happy" ending - one which the story absolutely earned, no less.

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