10 Video Games That Are Barely Recognisable Today

Some good, some bad.

Resident evil

The concept of “The Next Big Thing” is the figurative lightning in the bottle that pretty much every industry is trying to be a part of. Millions and millions of pounds are spent each year researching and developing products and services that are piped as being potential game changers.

Yet when this movements happen, they create a swell, an undercurrent that pulls new and existing companies with it as they end up chasing this new idea, saturating the market with copycats.

It’s like when I turned up here. Boom, it’s like a talent bomb went off and now you’ve got all these little nippers trying to be edgy and balding like they’ve been locked up in the attic too long.

And it can affect the biggest and best of the industry as well, which is the focus of this list, as the entries today look at times when video games chased the crowd, forgot who they were or evolved to a new state that is almost totally different from their first iterations.

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Resident Evil
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