10 Video Games That Are Barely Recognisable Today

8. Conker's Bad Fur Day - Young Conker

Conker bad fur day conker kinect

I honestly don’t know if a repackaging of a beloved video game character has been more poorly received than this.

Honestly, how do you look at this foul mouthed alcoholic squirrel from a hit platformer and think that this would make a perfect mascot for your new AR technology?

Well the answer is that you probably had to have worked for Microsoft, who decided to clean up the image of this rowdy redhead and give him a redesign for their Hololens kit and rebranded him as Young Conker.

The game itself was a mess, but I alongside so many others couldn’t get over how squeaky clean this squirrel now looked. One of Conkers massive selling points was that he was he LOOKED like a platformer character but was about as unsavoury as licking battery acid when it came to his personality.

Thankfully, and I say that with a deep sadness, the Hololens died a death and with it Young Conker, but for these horrible moments it was like he’d been resurrected via Pet Sematary - all... wrong and ugly.

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