10 Video Games That Are Far Creepier Than They Look

8. Cuphead - A Soul-Claiming Good Time

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Cuphead has proven to be something of a smash-hit since its launch in 2017. With its sublime classic Disney-esque art and animation, coupled with the finely-crafted boss rush action, it continues to strike a chord with many.

With its bright and colorful action (and, blessedly, an easier mode), Cuphead looks a bright, colorful, fun and harmless adventure. While it is some of these things, it’s also far darker than many newcomers would have expected.

At its core, it’s the story of Cuphead and Mugman trying to save their souls from the Devil (having gambled with him), but claiming the souls of others in a sort of exchange.

Some of the enemies (including the Devil himself, naturally) play on this theme, as do the locales our heroes find themselves in.

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