10 Video Games That Deserve Sequels

9. The Punisher

Bully 2

Released in 2004 on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 this third-person shooter based upon the famous Marvel Anti-Hero was a blast to play, literally.

Although it's gaming review scores were nothing to write home about - currently holding an average 69 on Metacritic and a disappointing 4.6 on Gamespot - the core of the game was great fun. The interrogation system was brutal, giving the game identity and the property it was based on was perfect for video game adaptation.

Although an entirely new title based on the character would also be welcome, it could be an excellent chance for the game to follow on from the pre-established one, taking a version of the character who has already been through a lot and going in a new direction with him.

The game wouldn't need to follow a narrative that required you to play the first to understand, but take the foundation of the simple third-person shooter mechanics that the first game brought to life and create something new with them. The result would be something many gamers would enjoy, and any Marvel property tends to do well financially.

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