10 Video Games That Gave You God-Like Powers

Walking demi-deities of destruction...

Gravity Rush
SIE Japan Studio

Within the gaming industry, there's a very popular subsect of titles that fall into what you'd term the "God" genre. Games such as Black and White, Spore and From Dust all posit the player as some sort of all-powerful being that is tasked with helping shape the very world or universe for the betterment of others.

These experiences are often brilliant fun as they allow for creativity to shine through. Each player will have a different take on the needs of their people so it's very common for every would-be almighty to have a different experience. However, we're not discussing these titles today and are instead focusing on games that are just one rung below. That's those times when you're given"god-like" powers: abilities or strengths that were way beyond the bounds of humanity that allowed you to obliterate your enemies, escape desperate situations or even warp reality itself.

This is less about answering prayers and sitting on clouds and more about your foes praying you don't see them in this powered-up state and punching them through the ozone layer. We might not be merciful but goddam are we mighty.

Oh! and for an extra challenge, I'm going to avoid using superhero video games.

10. God Hand

Gravity Rush

With a title like God Hand, I think that the clue's in the name when it comes to what type of power that this title doles out to the player. Here, our hero Gene has a destructive force unlike anything else surging right under his fingertips as he is a human blessed with a "God Hand" - which is basically a right hook that could level a mountain.

Seeking to use it for themselves, a group of demons is looking to extract this immense power, leading Gene and his allies into a struggle between good and evil. If this all sounds epic and po-faced, then don't worry because this game was supervised by Shinji Mikami of Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Vanquish fame, so is entirely made up of truly bonkers moments.

At certain points Gene will be able to unleash the power of the God Hand and hoo boy you do not want to be in the area when he goes hunting, because not only is your speed and damage resistance buffed but now you can absolutely wail on enemies until they are red mist. It's not an elegant power, but my lord is it an effective one.

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