10 Video Games That Go BEYOND 100%

10. Hollow Knight - 112%

Hollow Knight
Team Cherry

2017 indie smash hit Hollow Knight is a metroidvania, a genre that typically lends itself to the aforementioned maths-defying realm of video games that hit 100% and then just keep on going.

The Team Cherry action romp casts you in the shoes–actually I don’t think he has shoes–the little black points where his shoes would otherwise be, of the titular Knight. The underground world of Hallownest is filled with beautiful environments, dangerous foes, and plenty of secrets. So many secrets in fact that when you’re pretty sure you’re done exploring, you’re actually still a ways off. With multiple expansions and endings, there’s far more to do than it might initially appear.

There’s actually a website called hollowknightchecklist.com where you can reference the 123 items, encounters, locations, and abilities you’ll need to cross off in order to reach the maximum 112% rating.

Reaching the final completion rating is no easy feat especially since the game is already challenging without forcing you to defeat all of its bosses, collect every mask shard, and best every trial. If you’ve achieved it, you’ve got a lot to be proud of.


Likes: Collecting maiamais, stanning Makoto, dual-weilding, using sniper rifles on PC, speccing into persuasion and lockpicking. Dislikes: Escort missions.