10 Video Games That Go BEYOND 100%

9. Castlevania: Portrait Of Ruin - 1000%

Castlevania: Portrait Of Ruin

Well this percentage is just silly but we’ve already suspended disbelief over what numbers mean so we may as well plough on ahead into four digits and Castlevania is here to make it possible.

Despite being almost the highest completion percentage on this list, the reasoning behind the wild number for Konami’s stellar 2005 platformer is actually surprisingly simple. While there are typical 100% completion scores for quests, items, and enemies encountered, it’s the map that soars well beyond that. Simply, there are 10 maps, each of which will give you 100%, so cross each off and all of them together grant you the 1000% rating.

Like many games on this list, Portrait of Ruin is a critical slam dunk so you’ll have a blast with every new area it has to show you. Also, you get to say you completed a game to 1000% so that’s cool.


Likes: Collecting maiamais, stanning Makoto, dual-weilding, using sniper rifles on PC, speccing into persuasion and lockpicking. Dislikes: Escort missions.