10 Video Games That Have Been Ported To Everything

Okay... how many copies of DOOM do you own?

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If gamers have gotten used to one thing, it's moving on.

The technology of video games quickly becomes obsolete and as games become more and more advanced, you need bigger and better consoles to play them on.

As such, your poor little Dreamcast is cast aside to make way for your brand new Xbox. As such, your discs for your old console are now obsolete and you have no choice but to give them to the charity shops or to second-hand gaming stores, and in the majority of instances you'll never see your favourite game again.

Of course, nostalgia is a profitable cow, and in recent years she's been milked drier than Death Valley. A great number of games have been rebooted, remade, remastered or just straight-up ported to consoles generations down the line, so the gamers of old can enjoy their classics one last time, or in the case of the following, multiple times.

These games have been ported to so many systems it makes you wonder how much money can be made releasing the exact same game over and over again. We're grateful nonetheless, because these are all classics that everyone should enjoy.

10. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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The previous Elder Scrolls titles were big hits in their respective eras, particularly Oblivion, many stating it to be where the series peaked. But Skyrim is easily their most profitable game simply due to how many times they've re-released it.

Arriving on 11/11/11, Skyrim originally released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC to widespread acclaim to it's open world setting, amazing music and wealth of content, traditional Bethesda bugs aside, and continues to be a popular choice for PC because of the dedicated modding scene.

So popular was Skyrim that since its release, there hasn't been a console from any generation that hasn't seen a port (except one. Sorry Wii U... but not really). When the era of the PS4 and Xbox One rolled around a Skyrim Special Edition was announced with improved graphics and mod support for consoles. Then after a demonstration to show the power of the Nintendo Switch, the game was announced for that as well, complete with motion controls, something that would also be used in the VR versions of the game.

Then when it seemed time to move on, the Anniversary Edition for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S was announced, tiding us over until Elder Scrolls VI arrives in 20XX.

Literally no console worth your time hasn't missed out on the Skyrim train. Even Alexa got in on the action!

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