10 Video Games That Insult You For Losing

You thought dying was the worst part? Think again!

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Losing in a video game is already a bad experience as is, but for some reason, some developers like to really rub it in.

Instead of throwing you a regular game over screen or, at worst, making you lose something as a penalty, they go straight for the throat and simply insult you for being terrible.

You know you’ve really messed up when the developers go out of their way to give you a personal insult. Some games like to do it by berating your character, while some go even further and break the fourth wall specifically just to spite you. And although the message in either case is “you're bad,” you have to appreciate the level of effort and creativity it takes to give the players these unique games over screens.

If you ever thought dying was the worst thing that could happen in a game, just wait until you see the insults they throw at you in the virtual afterlife. Even the tiniest slip-ups can cause them to make fun of you with no remorse.

10. Getting Messier And Sassier - Deadpool

batman arkham asylum harley quinn

As one would expect from a title about Marvel’s number one self-aware mercenary, the 2013 Deadpool game is full of fourth-wall-breaking moments and meta-comedy. Just like its comic book counterpart, the video game Deadpool is aware of his digital existence, and he’s not afraid to show it. Especially when the jerk controlling him doesn’t know how to keep him alive.

It shouldn’t be surprising that when you die, Deadpool is quick to comment on it on the game-over screen. What is surprising is how the developers decided to spice up this gimmick in order to make Deadpool’s slights feel all the more painful.

Whenever Deadpool shows up to call you names and urge you to play better, his body becomes a little worse for wear. The anti-hero starts off with small holes in his suit and a couple of blood stains, and then he slowly transforms into a mauled skeleton every time the player causes him to die.

The change is as harrowing as it is hilarious. Additionally, it makes Deadpool’s comments about you making him suffer feel all the more real.

It really makes you feel like a jerk, doesn't it?

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