10 Video Games That Insult You For Losing

9. Don't Mess WIth The Orcs - Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

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The nemesis system in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War is one of the most memorable parts of the series. The game generates random orc warriors for you to go up against, and each and every one of them comes with a special personality trait that makes him stand out from the rest.

That, and the game makes him come up with a special personalized insult for whenever he manages to kill you.

There are more than half a thousand unique combinations of titles and traits that Middle-earth orcs can have, meaning that there are more than a thousand ways each and every one of them can tell you how bad you are at the game.

Some do it jokingly, some curse you with passion, and some simply scream at you like mad animals. However, no matter how each orc does it, the insults they hurl at your dead body are always meant to hit right where it hurts.

The level of spite the Middle-earth games can achieve is genuinely phenomenal. Luckily, your character is immortal, so you can always just come back and give those smug orcs a taste of their own medicine.

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