10 Video Games That Judge You For Playing

10. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild


While pretty much every AAA open-world game in existence inundates the player with collectathon tasks intended to keep them hooked, few have the gall to actually draw attention to this fact.

Furthermore, few actively chastise the player for it by underlining how much time they just wasted hoovering up collectibles in the service of, well, a whole lotta nothing.

But The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is no regular open-world game, and Nintendo decided to have some cruel, sneering fun at the expense of those few players who slogged their way through collecting all 900 Korok seeds in the game. The feat, which will take players hundreds of hours, has been dubbed "a journey into madness."

And Nintendo provided the crazy capper themselves by giving players a most pointless reward after cashing in the seeds - Link's Korok pal Hestu hands over a "gift" which resembles, uh, a golden poo.

The golden poo - or "kin no unko" - is a Japanese good luck charm that naturally proved totally baffling to any westerner who actually bothered to collect all 900 Korok seeds.

And even if you were somehow aware of the Japanese cultural artefact, the golden poo has no in-game utility beyond serving as a trophy and, per its description, smelling "pretty bad."

Players were quite understandably expecting a "worthwhile" reward for their absurd time investment, but Nintendo instead proudly flipped them the bird and passed a cheeky comment on their obsessive tendencies in the process. Ouch.


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