10 Video Games That Just Pissed Off EVERYONE

Rockstar abandoned Red Dead Online, so players held a funeral for it.

Red Dead Redemption 2

As much as video games are designed to be glorious interactive escapism from the travails of our waking lives, sometimes developers just don't get things right, whether innocently or not.

Players may be a fickle bunch with absurdly high standards sometimes, but it's also fair to say that greedy publishers and misguided developers can take egregious liberties with their customers.

And so, these 10 games all stoked the rage-filled fires of their fans with business decisions and development issues that sparked major outcry online.

From the predictable-but-awful inclusion of overzealous microtransactions to poor customer support and unpopular changes to ongoing titles, these games left everyone - from dedicated players to those who've never even played them - thoroughly pissed off.

The industry has proven time and time again that publishers cannot be trusted to self-regulate and consider players' best interests, and so these stories are really just further proof that corporations aren't your friends: they're always chasing that bottom line above all else.

As much as we all want to believe that publishers and especially developers are in it for the art, these 10 infuriating stories will bring you back to reality...

10. Fall Guys Initially Refused To Refund Players For A Store Glitch

Red Dead Redemption 2

Tough though it is to imagine a game as harmlessly entertaining as Fall Guys pissing off anyone, the battle royale title invoked the ire of many players recently when a glitch sneaked its way into the game.

Mere weeks ago, players began to report a bug where, while previewing cosmetic items on the game's store, the item would be automatically bought without the player needing to confirm their desire to purchase it.

A glitch is one thing, but people got truly up in arms after one affected player contacted Fall Guys' customer service to investigate the issue and was given a rude rebuff by a rep, who insisted the player must've bought the item in error and refused to authorise a refund.

The rep's response as well as an increasing incidence of the glitch caused pressure to build against developer Mediatonic, who promptly replied that they would fix the glitch and refund anyone affected, while noting that the customer service reply was "not acceptable."

For a hot minute there, though, everyone was sharpening their pitchforks.


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