10 Video Games That Let You Be An Utter Scumbag

10. Any Hitman Game

Hitman 2 2018
IO Interactive

There will be some who will argue that Hitman's Agent 47 "isn't really that bad" because he generally only assassinates Bad People who were totally asking for it, but can we really contend that everyone he murders was really that deserving?

Furthermore, given the creative litany of ways the game allows the player to kill their marks, it's tough to deny the relish with which Agent 47 carries out his grisly work.

Yes, it's easy to see why the Hitman games attempt to de-humanise most of the player's targets - because who'd want to murder a doting father-of-three over and over again? - but at the end of the day, our "hero" is still a guy who kills people for money. He's doing it for powerful people and a fat pay-day - not for the dubious moral good of it.

Furthermore, there are numerous missions throughout the franchise where targets only questionably "deserved" what they got, and even the occasional story-based instance of Agent 47 killing a poor civilian who gets caught in the middle.

But because his demeanour is cool and the games evoke a classy air, they just about get away with convincing players that Agent 47's anything but a grade-A scumbag.


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