10 Video Games That Let You Be Incredible Criminals

8. Sleeping Dogs

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United Front Games

The term Triad comes from the Chinese term San He Hui (三合会), which means "Society of Three in Harmony". It is a reference to the philosophical idea of a unity between Heaven, Earth, and Humanity; common in Chinese spiritualism. Though the term is often used to describe any kind of Chinese criminal syndicate, a Triad is traditionally from one of the occupied ports of Hong Kong or Macau, or from Taiwan.

If you've got a vested interest in being a Triad, then Sleeping Dogs is the game to jump into with both feet. Technically you're playing as an undercover cop, Wei Shen, who has infiltrated a Triad organization. But trust me, you'll be doing plenty of Triad-like things: Busting up cars, running rackets, and killing other Triads. Wei Shen's story is filled with action, a competent fighting and shooting system, varied missions, and plenty of Triad drama.

Starting out as a new entry in the True Crime franchise, Sleeping Dogs got canceled by Activision and picked up by Square-Enix finally to be released in 2012 and it still holds up today. Both a sequel and a spin-off have never made it to fruition, which is a real shame.


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