10 Video Games That Let You Be TOO Powerful

We all love to feel like an absolute powerhouse, but sometimes it can be a bit too much.

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One of the reasons we play video games is to give ourselves that sense of power and grandeur that we can only ever dream of obtaining in our day-to-day lives. Be it through magical powers, godlike strength or mastery of bladed weapons, we love to feel like we could take on the world and come out unscathed.

Although as much as we love to feel like an absolute powerhouse on the battlefield, it is possible for it to go a little too far. Accumulating power over the course of a game's journey in a gradual way is often the best route to go, but some games choose to give you all the goodies early, allowing you to be overpowered in the early stages.

Having a taste of absolute power is fun for a while, but having too much can sometimes hamper an experience, reducing a game’s difficulty to a simple stroll in a country park and in some cases, cheapening the entire experience by removing any real semblance of challenge.

So with that, let’s push ourselves over 9000 and look at the times that video games let you be TOO powerful.

10. Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

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Harbouring many of the same issues that plagued the Arkham series (more on that in a bit), Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor makes the grave mistake of giving players too much power, too early in the game.

The series’ much praised Nemesis system adds great depth to the game’s challenge as even the most mild-mannered goblin can quickly become a commanding officer with a grudge if you don’t act accordingly.

Your early game encounters with established Nemesis characters are tense affairs that really get your pulse racing. You start out as a (somewhat) adept warrior, barely holding your own against the lowliest of orcs, but fast-forward a couple of hours in and you’ll be an unstoppable force of nature, whose very name will make any nearby orc soil their loincloth.

With a whole host of god-like powers such as teleportation, mind-control and attacks that heal you as you cut down foes, the game poses little challenge as you graduate from small-time enemies to waging war against Sauron himself. It’s certainly quite the rush to go in all guns blazing and tear your latest nemesis a new one, but in the late game it wears a little thin when you can make literally anybody your bitch.

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