10 Video Games That Literally Dragged You Through Hell

9. Grim Fandango

Dantes Inferno
Double Fine Productions

Grim Fandango's version of Hell is split into several levels of Underworld, with "Hell" an entirely separate dimension from this. This point-and-click masterpiece plays out in the Eighth Underworld, a vibrant, neo-noir world filled with Day of the Dead-inspired characters.

As Manny Calavera, you'll explore why so many characters are being forced to take the four-year journey on foot to the Ninth Underworld when those who are completely pure of heart are meant to be rewarded with a "Double N" ticket. This lets them board the "Number Nine", a luxury express bullet train which shortens that journey to just four minutes long. Where most of the world is the vaulted ceilings, plush diner booths and nightclubs of the 60s, the little vision of the true "Hell" we get in the Underworld is something else.

Grim Fandango's Hell is a domain no soul wants to set foot in. If a passenger is caught with a counterfeit ticket to the Ninth Underworld, the train transforms into a twisted, horned "Hell Train", with a manic face and spiked tail, each carriage filled with bones. It promptly takes a nose dive off the normal tracks straight down to hell via a hole which tears open and seals shut behind it. Spooky stuff.

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