10 Video Games That Make You A Better Gamer

What do Dark Souls and Pikmin have in common? They both make you better at games.

Dark Souls III

People play games for different reasons; some play to have fun, others do it for a sense of achievement, and for some it's for escapism. However, there are some games that if you spend enough time playing them, you'll start to notice that other games seem easier. Sometimes it's because the general difficulty rating is higher, though in other cases it's due to game mechanics giving you a different outlook on gaming.

For anyone who has instantly picked up Shadow of Mordor after having devoted hours into the Arkham games, you'll know what I mean. Despite this, I'll try to refrain from mentioning things like the Unreal Engine, as while playing these games will undoubtedly make you better at games with the same engine, it doesn't necessarily make you an overall better gamer.

No, this list will instead include the games that make you look at the gaming world differently, whether it's improving your gaming mechanics like aiming and reaction times, making you more cautious when navigating an enclosed area, or just helping you to think outside the box. So grab your controller, mouse, joystick or whatever you use for your recreational gaming time and jump into the world of player-defining games.

10. Overwatch

Dark Souls III

Before this entry sparks the whole Team Fortress 2 vs. Overwatch debate, let me say that this point relates to all team-based shooters to some degree or another, whether that's Overwatch, TF2, Paladins, etc.

While many FPS games focus on personal skill, from good aim to reaction times, these games primarily rely on working together, listening to your teammates, and making adjustments when necessary. I use Overwatch as a primary example as many people in the Overwatch community often refer to something called the 'Overwatch Brain', which is knowing the ins and outs of the game.

A good example for how this game differs from other FPS games can be shown through Dr. Disrespect, who is an incredibly skilled gamer yet still struggled to do well when he tried Overwatch, for good aim is one thing but these games also include counter-tactics, positioning, high-ground advantage and so many other things.

It's all well and good to be performing better than anyone on your team, but if you're not working with them then you're probably going to lose. If you're playing a hero which the enemy team are countering, then you're also probably going to lose. Thinking about tactics, hero picks, and combos are key parts to Overwatch which give players a more cohesive understanding of what it means to play with teammates.


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