10 Video Games That Mocked Their Rivals

All's fair in love and digital war.


Soda pop. Fast food. Cars. TV shows. Coffee. Blockbuster movies. Corporate and brand rivalries are nothing new.

For decades, major companies have been engaged in battling with each other over who is the king or queen of the pile. There is scarcely a consumer market in which corporate rivals haven't taken shots at each other's products and service.

Video games are no exception. Once video gaming, especially home gaming, became a billion dollar industry in the 1980s, game and console manufacturers delighted in taking jabs at their rivals.

Sometimes. these were friendly. "Hey you, over there. Remember we're keeping an eye on you!' Other times they'd get a little more like deathblow, "We yearn to bleach your skulls and use them as pencil holders!"

Given the massive amounts of money involved, the stress that video game creators and programmers work under, and pride in game design, it's no wonder that material at the expense of rival games and companies get slipped into those shiny silver discs and online downloads.

Regardless of their intensity, these pokes have led to some great Easter eggs and secrets buried in some of our favourite games.

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