10 Video Games That Mocked You For Buying The Sequel

These games don't care how much you love the franchise!

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A good video game should, like a first date or a tasty snack, always leave you wanting more. As such, when a gaming title really strikes at the heart of players, the one thing they want more than anything else is a sequel. 

Video game sequels are an excellent opportunity to expand on what came before, offering a new experience that brings the series (and players) to new heights. These follow-ups often act as a celebration of their predecessors and a loving reward to those who played them. However, they're not always so gracious. 

Sometimes, a video game sequel throws gratitude by the wayside and directly mocks the player. There are many ways to do this - for example, some games might break established canon, whereas others directly address the player in an insulting way. No matter the case, these sequels made you feel like the devs were throwing up an "L" sign and poking their tongues out at you. 

So, you bought a game out of love for the franchise? Well, these titles don't give a damn, and they have no qualms with letting you know it.

10. Mass Effect: Andromeda


Creating another Mass Effect game was always going to be risky. Still, that didn't stop BioWare from saying, "hold my beer," as they crammed out a cash grab from their beloved IP. How did it go? Well, besides being a broken and buggy mess, Andromeda also spat in the face of ME fans with its lack of concern for series canon.

So, overall, not great.

There are many ways that this prequel game screwed up the series' continuity. For example, the timeline regarding the genophage was unnecessarily convoluted, with Andromeda scientists seeking to cure a Krogan at a time when the infamous biological weapon was still actively enforced by the Salarians. 

Additionally, there's also plenty of technological confusion. How is it that humanity was able to create the ODSY engine - which rivals the intergalactic traversal tech from the trilogy - only twenty years after achieving space travel? It just doesn't make sense, which goes for many of the lore mishaps in this game.

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