10 Video Games That Mocked You For Buying The Sequel

9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (2023)


The Call of Duty series is no stranger to mocking its player base. Still, the franchise really outdid itself in 2023 with a big release that felt akin to a firm punch to the face. So, let's talk about the remake of Modern Warfare III. 

This "mainline" COD release presented itself like a full-on remake/remaster of the 2011 title it shares its name with. Sadly, MW3 2023 was a shell of a video game in the purest terms. 

The campaign was embarrassingly short and filled with lazy levels that reused old maps and forced you into mundane sandbox missions. The narrative was also threadbare, with an ending that didn't even conclude the story. It felt more like glorified DLC than a remake of the final act of the Modern Warfare trilogy. 

Shockingly, there was a reason for that, as the game began life as an expansion pack for MW2 before being upgraded to a standalone release. That's right, this game mocks you for buying the sequel because it is, in many ways, not even a sequel - it's an expansion with a Triple-A price tag. 

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