10 Video Games That Mocked You For Winning

You mad?

Shadow of the Colossus Troll
Bluepoint Games

Gaming can often be an exercise in masochism, with developers putting players through the wringer either by presenting an absurdly difficult challenge, or straight-up deciding to mess with the player's head.

Often this can result in gamers being punished for playing aggressively or getting ribbed for opting to play on the lowest possible difficulty setting, but sometimes games will go one step crueller and mock the player simply for making it to the end.

If it's the expectation that most entertainment products leave customers on an exhilarated high, these 10 games decided to ambitiously flip player expectations, ripping them a new one for expecting sunshine and rainbows, and making them likely feel like pure garbage in the process.

These games all rubbished and deconstructed the very idea of a typical video game ending, denying players the catharsis they anticipated when the end credits rolled, replaced instead with a knowing flip of the middle finger.

And no matter how ingenious these rug-pulls may have been, there's no denying that they left players feeling a little empty, having been brilliantly played after spending potentially dozens of hours slogging away to reach that ending...


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