10 Video Games That Never End

Got some extra time on your hands? These games will take care of that...

No mans sky
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When video games first emerged as a consumer product populating arcades in the mid-1970s, hardware restrictions meant developers had to avoid overcomplicating their titles to ensure they were both commercially viable, while still being fun to play, offering short-but-sweet experiences for maximum replay value.

Then, almost a decade later, home consoles now had enough memory to allow games with a simple story to complete, with the hugely popular Super Mario Bros setting the benchmark for linear progression as the order of the day.

In the modern gaming landscape, however, everything has changed. No longer are developers bound to a restrictive set of options, or to attempt to maximise profits in the arcade, when deciding how their games progress. This has allowed for a genre of titles in more recent years that are created with no definitive ending, allowing the player to explore indefinitely, and proving maximum bang for their buck.

With the current global situation leaving many of us with an unexpected amount of time on our hands, there is no better time than now to settle down and really get to grips with a game that could theoretically go on forever.

10. Minecraft

No mans sky

The perfect sandbox game, Minecraft has been delighting fans across the world for over a decade now, even going through a resurgence in popularity in the last couple of years. By simplifying nearly everything into perfect cubes, Minecraft encourages creativity to an almost unrivalled degree by allowing players to set about doing basically whatever they want to in-game.

That feature is exactly why Minecraft is a game that can go on forever, as players can build and destroy until their heart's content with gameplay in that sense only ends when one runs out of ideas.

However, despite the fact that Minecraft can technically go on forever, there is a canonical main questline for the player to finish. Though it wasn't actually included in the game when it was first released, players can travel to the aptly named The End, defeat the Ender Dragon and reveal a credits sequence to provide a more traditional gaming conclusion.

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