10 Video Games That Never End

9. Tetris

No mans sky

When searching for games that can go on forever, the puzzle genre is always a great place to look, and no puzzle game has ever been quite as popular, and addictive, as that of Tetris. Developed during a time when modern-day Russia was still comprised of a series of socialist republics, Tertis was born out of the Dorodnitsyn Computing Centre and developed by Alexey Pajitnov.

What makes the original Tetris formula so addictive is that there is no endpoint, so while the player can rack up points en route to a high score, regardless of how well one plays they can only prolong the time before they inevitably make a wrong move and wind up defeated.

However, this is not true of the Nintendo Switch exclusive Tetris 99, which brings the title into the 21st century by adopting elements of the widely-popular online battle royale games, with players now able to be declared victorious if they can outlast 98 other gamers in fast-paced, tetromino-filled action.

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