10 Video Games That Only Became Great After Updates

Probably best to forget the beginning of GTA Online.


Most games that are released need to have some sort of update or patch. It's just so simple for those little glitches or errors that sneak in during development to get left behind.

Developers are lucky that this can be done - we can fix game-breaking bugs with a simple download post-release. Before, developers had to be a lot more careful as these problems could remain until the next release of the game.

There are other reasons developers update their game, though. Perhaps they want to add more maps or change a system that worked on release but is now encountering problems. While these are bigger problems, they can be fixed. There are many examples of games becoming better after updates or expansions.

Some of the games on this list may have suffered from a simple error or needed a complete rebuild. They all have one thing in common though: They improved GREATLY, the more time went by.


10. The Division


After many delays and changes, The Division was released on the 8th of March 2016, two years after its original planned release date. The game came out to favourable reviews. It was an interesting attempt at being a different type of MMO, drawing comparisons to games such as Destiny.

There was one big issue with the game though: It was boring.

Most of the game’s missions and activities had very little in the way of variety, and outside of the replaying missions and collectables there was minimum to do in the endgame. There was the PVP Dark Zone, but this idea was not fleshed out and was just a glorified arena.

While the launch of the game was slow, the team did start adding daily and weekly challenges as well as dark zone missions and other free updates. These additions showed a much more promising concept for the game. The quality and variety of updates would only increase with the paid content, adding more areas, gadgets and improving the AI.

Tom Clancy’s The Division may have been slightly disappointing on release. However, it managed to drag itself back with an excellent array off free updates and DLC to become a very interesting game.

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