10 Video Games That Only Work ONCE

9. Superliminal

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Pillow Castle

Games like Portal truly revolutionised first-person puzzlers. The only way from there was up, and what could come next? A game that uses forced perspective and trompe-l'œil to cause some right noodle-scratchers.

The first time players have to lift an item above them, only to drop it down to enlarge it (work that one out), or grab an item from the background to bring it to foreground in the exact same space is mind-blowing.

It's cliche to call something "a trip", but that's exactly what Superliminal is: a visual journey that confuses as much as it excites when it comes to its next puzzle.

But, that magic only applies to that sweet, initial run.

Going through again is, well, like playing Portal through a second time. Players already know the puzzles, the tricks in place and how to solve them. Aside from maybe a divergent room or two for, again, the collectible hunter, there's little different in what to do.

Even watching someone else play for the first time loses its magic, as the solutions are still the same regardless of who plays.


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