10 Video Games That Peaked Too Early

Saving the best for...first?

There's nothing quite like an energetic, exciting and even shocking opening sequence to get players invested in a video game, but as has so often been the case, it can be tough for developers to maintain such a high level of quality throughout the rest of the game.

As such, it's all-too-common for developers to blow a ton of resources on a banger of an opening to hook the player, only to struggle to match that brilliance for the remainder.

Sadly not every game can be Half-Life, which begins with its iconic tram ride and maintains a baseline of excellence all the way to the finish line.

And while most of the games on this list are at least good if not great - because, honestly, there aren't many awful games with great first levels - each of them ended up hitting their high-point in the extremely early stages, causing everything else to pale in comparison.

In an ideal world, a game will grab the player's attention and then increasingly ratchet up to a higher level of excellence over the course of its play-time, but these titles all got the top-shelf material out of the way pretty much right away, and what followed left players wanting as a result...


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