10 Video Games That Peaked Too Early

10. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty

Metal Gear Solid 2 Tanker

The second Metal Gear Solid might well be the textbook example of a game that served up a mind-blowingly brilliant opening level that the rest of the game had no hope in hell of meeting, let alone surpassing.

The first level of Hideo Kojima's long-awaited stealth sequel once again placed players in the shoes of Solid Snake, as he infiltrated a tanker while looking to snap pictures of a new Metal Gear prototype.

It's a prologue more entertaining and detail-filled than most full-fat games: the graphics and art direction are incredible, the stealth gameplay is deliciously addictive, and it's jam-packed with Easter eggs.

That's not to forget the Olga boss fight, Snake coming across Metal Gear RAY, or the revelation that Revolver Ocelot is now possessed by Snake's dead nemesis Liquid Snake, by way of an arm transplant (!).

And though the rest of MGS2 certainly delivers a level of bats*** insanity worthy of that opening hour, it was also hugely deflating that control of Snake was wrestled away and fans had to spend the rest of the game playing as Raiden instead.

It wasn't the game fans were initially sold or asking for, and though it had dozens of memorable and ludicrously enjoyable moments, that tanker was a level of A+ perfection that the larger Raiden campaign just couldn't match.


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