10 Video Games That Punish You For Playing Well

9. Reach M. Bison Without A K.O. & Fight Akuma Instead - Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Hellblade SenuaS Sacrifice

Super Street Fighter II Turbo has an hilarious "reward" for players who manage to fight their way to the arcade mode's final boss, M. Bison, without using a single continue, while achieving a high score, and doing so in under 25 minutes.

Satisfy all of these conditions and just as Bison prepares to fight you, he'll be knocked out by Akuma, who will take his place as the final boss.

Cool thought that might seem, Akuma is an obscenely strong opponent basically capable of reading your movements and performing devastating attacks which will make short work of most unsuspecting players.

To heighten the intimidation factor, he also shows up to the fight without a name or portrait by his life bar.

While players might at first be excited at playing well enough to unlock a secret boss, within seconds of taking him on that excitement is likely to change to frustration.

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